Epson ISE 2016 Exhibition Stand

For the second year in a row mclcreate asked us to assist with projection and media server solution for Epson exhibition stand for ISE 2016. The brief was exciting – to create something drawing an analogy between the elite performance of Epson’s installation projectors and the vision, drive and technical expertise that command Formula One.

We chose d3 media server for this project because of its flexibility with project setup as well as the possibility to use the second server as an understudy, which gave us and the client extra confidence that show will run without any problems. Onsite d3’s quick calibration helped us line up the projectors in no time. Dynamic blending also was a huge help, with just a click of one button and some tweaks in gamma settings, projector blending was done.

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Video supplier: mclcreate
Technical setup: Pixel Haze
Content design: Ricardo Serrano

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